Before Getting Started – Tips & Key Points

  1. Please review the Accreditation Services website for resources and the example of an abstract to assist you in completing the application.
  2. This is a planning document, not a tell-us-what-you-did document – using it as a guide to planning your activity will be significantly easier than trying to fill out the form after planning has been completed.
  3. All parts of the activity application need to fit together. There should be a logical flow between the identified gap (problem), the evidence, the educational need, and the desired outcome. The plan for setting the criteria for successful completion and evaluating the activity should show how learners will have gained knowledge or developed skills to help them address the gap (problem). The content must support transition of learners from where they are now to where they need to be at the end of the activity.
  4. When planning a conference, the application should address the criteria requirements for the whole conference, not for individual sessions. In other words, what gap (problem) creates the need to bring people together for this 3-day conference, and what do we expect them to know or be able to do at the end of it?
  5. Reminder: you may not market your activity for CME credits until it is approved.
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